Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures Needed...

Okay everyone,

Joe Salmond is putting together a video with pictures and clips from our senior year for the reunion and needs your help to get it done right. Please scan any pictures you would like to see in the video and send them to him asap. If you don't have a scanner, you could check with your local photo lab (WalMart, Costco or Sam's Club for example) to see if they can scan them for you or even make you copies that you could mail to me. If they are scanned and you wish to email them to Joe please include information like who is in the picture, and when/where it was taken.

He plans on doing this in a High Definition format so the scan settings will be included below. Also if you have any tapes from events he would love to use some of that too. Please contact him if you do have a video to see what the best way would be to get it copied and delivered to him.

Scan settings:
4x6 pictures : 600dpi
5x7 pictures : 400dpi
8x10 pictures : 300dpi

If you would like to submit pictures you can do it directly to Joe by email, joesalmond at gmail dot com (spelled out to avoid spam :)

DEADLINE for pictures: June 30, 2009

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